Veterans Memorial Park - Corning, NY


Located on the island at the intersection of Park Avenue, Conhocton Street, and East First Street in Corning, New York, the Civil War Monument (also known as Soldiers and Sailors Monument) was erected in 1911. This monument was rededicated on 11-11-11 as the central feature of the Veterans Memorial Park.


“It was raining the night before Veterans Day. WWII veterans were ‘walking the post’ in the mud around the Civil War Monument. To provide surer footing, a concrete apron was installed around the monument. The current park improvements include a flagpole, aprons of engraved commemorative pavers, monument lighting and enhanced landscaping.

“The Veterans Memorial Park will now provide more permanent facilities for patriotic remembrances. We invite all who wish to remember veterans to support this park.”

Don Creath, U.S. Army Veteran

Veterans Memorial Park - Remember and Honor


The Veterans Memorial Park includes a Veterans Flag of Honor enhanced with commemorative engraved pavers sponsored by donors. Show your support by making a tax-deductible contribution for an engraved paver. Pavers are available in three different sizes and for three different donation amounts.

Veterans Memorial Park Paver Flag


Annually, on Veterans Day, our community observes an all-night vigil at the Civil War Monument from 11:00 pm the night of November 10th to 11:00 am on November 11th.  At 11:00 am, a flag ceremony is held marking the time of the original signing of the WWI Armistice on November 11, 1918 at 11:00 am.

Veterans Memorial Park - Corning, NY
Veterans Memorial Park - Corning, NY
Veterans Memorial Park - Corning, NY
Veterans Memorial Park - Corning, NY

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Gen. George Washington

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Elmer Davis

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Gen. Omar Bradley